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Consultancy; We provide consultancy services relating to sustainability and horticulture, and particularly in relation to using waste resources such as low-grade heat and CO2 to grow food and plants.

Waste heat comes in many forms! From a power station looking to use heat in greenhouses instead of venting through cooling towers, to a restaurant with lots of space and light looking to grow produce onsite, to a server building looking to vent heat in a useful manner-all of these examples could result in a beneficial food growing project.

We work cross sector, so whether you are a Grower, an energy producer, a landowner, a public sector body, we can help you. If you’re interested in sustainable food production, job creation and growing local economies beginning with food, then get in touch today!

We bridge the gap between stakeholders in different industries to provide solutions that have potential to go beyond just selling energy and growing food.



We are actively matching waste heat producers with growers looking for sites with competitive heat power and CO2 , If you are a grower looking to expand, or a factory, power station or district energy operator looking to sell heat, power and / or CO2 we can help. Get in touch to find out more.

We bridge the gap between stakeholders in different industries to provide solutions that have potential to go beyond just selling energy and growing foo! Find out more here about additional social benefits that can be achieved through horticulture.


District Eating was formed by Faye Tomson in 2018. Faye is an Energy and Environmental Engineer with extensive experience working in the fields of district heating, low carbon heat infrastructure projects, and industrial resource efficiency. She has worked on some of the UKs most cutting-edge heat infrastructure projects, as well as with some large-scale industrial food and drink producers, advising on resource efficiency. Faye spent several years working for the UK Government Heat Network Development Unit. Faye comes from a family of farmers and horticulturalists, so has a lifelong experience of food markets and production. It was this background combined with her previous work experience that led Faye to realise the opportunity for efficiency savings for all stakeholders that can be achieved when the gap between energy use and food production is bridged.

Faye is an alumni of the School for Social Entrepreneurs, and as well as being commercially aware, she also has a desire to maximise the very real social benefits that can be achieved through community farming and gardening.


In order to provide a wide range of experience in both energy and horticulture, we work with a range of associates able to provide additional consultancy support and bringing with them a combined experience  of over 100 years of experience not only in the UK, but across Europe and internationally.


AmHydro have built over 30,000 hydroponic arms across the world. Based in Northern California, the CEO Jenny Harris, and Vice President Joe Shwartz are known as world leaders in this field and are on hand to consult on projects with District Eating.

The Campbell Palmer Partnership

CPP are a consultancy firm based in Glasgow. David Palmer, the lead consultant has 45 years engineering experience including extensive mechanical engineering systems design, and the analysis and design of greenhouses and their heating systems. David has carried out in-depth analyses of the energy performance of numerous greenhouses throughout the UK and Northern Ireland. He has also designed biomass heating systems for all of the above greenhouse types, including internal pipework, pumping and control systems. In some cases, the greenhouse systems were incorporated onto district heating networks.

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